Historic travel season expected this year

Published: Nov. 18, 2018 at 6:45 PM EST
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AAA expects this year's holiday travel season to be one of the busiest yet. Some travelers at the Roanoke-Blacksburg Airport are planning ahead.

Courtney Iverson is traveling to her home in Texas this Thanksgiving for the last time.

"My parents recently moved to Colorado, and we're spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Midland cleaning out the house, it's going to close after the holidays, and just spending time with family," Iverson, a Washington and Lee Law Student, said.

She has to take three different flights to get to Texas, but she still prefers to fly out of Roanoke.

"I think I'm really glad that I'm flying out on Sunday rather than midweek and also just flying out of Roanoke is so convenient," Iverson explained.

AAA projects more than 54 million Americans will travel this thanksgiving--the highest thanksgiving travel volume in more than a dozen years.

Bradley Boettcher, Director of Marketing and Air Service Development for the Roanoke airport, said, "We've had 32,000 more people use [this airport] so far this year than we did last year. Thanksgiving is shaping up to be one of our busiest ever, not only here in Roanoke but nationally."

While Iverson's trip to Texas beats most of the holiday rush, she thinks her return trip may not go as smoothly.

Iverson added, "I am a little worried about coming back because I know on Saturday after Thanksgiving that will probably be a big rush, especially I-81 going back up to Lexington, it tends to get very congested."