Virginia Tech Hokiemojis become a hit on release day

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Planted in the flower bed at Newman Library are faces only a Hokie could love most.

"The emojis are great. I would highly recommend it," said one student walking to the Squires Student Center.

It's all for fun to showcase the new emoji keyboard campus community members can use to get their point across in any text or social media message.

"This project for us was a way to give them our own unique language, or a Hokie language, which we've kind of started to call it that they can engage with each other in their texts and social media platforms that is universal for Hokie nation," said Kristan Cole, the Virginia Tech Licensing and Trademarks Director.

There are 80 emojis that feature the Hokie Bird's expressions, well known places on campus, or just quirky images only Hokies understand. People already have their favorites.

"It's like picking your favorite child," Cole said. "I really like the duck couple because I just think they're adorable. Horse on a treadmill is really awesome. I really love that one."

The emojis are catching on quickly. By 10 Wednesday morning 7,600 people had already downloaded them on their phones and by 2 Wednesday afternoon 12,000 people were using them. They were just released Wednesday morning.

Two students helped design each graphic and came up with ideas for each one during an internship on campus.

"It's a once in a lifetime experience. I know it's definitely going to look good on my portfolio and my resume that I got to help with this," said Hannah Largen, a sophomore who helped create the emojis.

Virginia Tech joins a small number of universities that has their own emoji keyboard.

They're available for free in the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes App store by following this link