Hokies prepare for a trip to the Camping World Bowl

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) The Hokies are getting ready to take on Oklahoma State in Orlando at the Camping World Bowl!

They travel with two trucks: one is a semi-truck for equipment.

They have to take into account the climate of where they're playing, so Erik Lewis, Equipment Services Director, says playing in Orlando actually is a help.

The entire equipment room got packed up. That includes shoes, hats, bags, t-shirts, but also pads, helmets, the tall, stand-up dummies to practice, and even laundry.

It took about two weeks to pack everything up to get ready for today's bowl game.

"Pressure builds. Pressure builds on us. If we don't have it all, you know, a lot of times we're better off being unknown. A lot of folks don't exactly know what we do, what we're there for until something goes wrong then it's "oh, those dog-gone equipment guys, they forgot this, or they forgot my hat, or whatever." So pressure's definitely on us,” Erik Lewis, VT Equipment Services said.

He says once they're down there, there's nothing they can do. If they forget something, they forget it.
Lewis says, they rely on checklists, checklists, and more checklists to make sure all the bases are covered.

But they also had to pack a second truck for a 300-person travel party. That means, a lot of luggage and since they spent the holidays in a hotel, Christmas got packed up as well.

"Christmas trees. I myself, for one, have two little girls and they don't really know what Christmas is other than hotels for the last three years, we've taken the Christmas tree along, and I know other families and coaches also take the Christmas trees and put them up, and we do our thing there Christmas morning,” said Lewis.

But as Lewis mentioned, for the last three years, they've been in hotels for Christmas.

The Hokies are looking for their fourth consecutive bowl win today.