Holiday Inn Express to open for Virginia Tech students for housing

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Thousands of students will move into residence halls for the start of a new school year at Virginia Tech Wednesday.

191 students and 4 Resident Advisors will move into a hotel, the Holiday Inn Express on Plantation Road.

It will be called HIE student housing for the 2019-2020 school year and will operate just as any other residence hall on campus.

Saturday, Virginia Tech officially took occupancy. The university needed it for space concerns.

"We admitted and we will have more students than we planned for so work began immediately, first of May to make sure that we have all the facets we need so our students are well cared for," said Mark Owczarski, a spokesperson for the university.

There will be some benefits, such as a grab-and-go Monday-Friday breakfast and a weekly cleaning service. Students will also have some of the same furniture hotel guests once used. But amenities such as the fitness center and the pool will be closed.

"We're very confident that when students live here, they're gonna have a very similar experience of community, activity, programming," said Owczarski.

For parents concerned about their children living in a hotel, Owczarski said VT police will have jurisdiction over HIE student housing and Blacksburg Transit will make 14 stops per hour to take students to different spots on campus.

Virginia Tech will only occupy the Holiday Inn Express for one year. The building will turn back into a hotel in May 2020 and it will be completely renovated.

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