Holiday travelers take advantage of Roanoke's new Amtrak service

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Penny Burgett is hard to keep up with as she runs along the Amtrak platform to her daughter Catelyn Hill.

"You can tell, she's a magical Christmas elf 365 days a year so you just see Mom running down the plaform," Hill said.

The Burgett-Hills are just one family on the packed Roanoke platform.
People lined up eagerly awaiting their friends and family's arrival.

Still the most popular mode of transportation, about 75% of travelers were flying the friendly skies on their way to Thanksgiving festivities.

Kennedy Haviland had a layover in Atlanta, and said she was prepared for the long journey.

"Oh Spotify playlists, Netflix... we have it all planned out," Haviland said of her flight options adding, "Headphones, snacks, everything."

As for the Burgetts and Hills, they're headed to Radford, their first Thanksgiving since the Burgetts moved to Virginia.