Hollins University's new president officially inaugurated

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Hollins University's new president has been on the job since July - but the school made her official Saturday.

Pareena Lawrence became the University's 12th president on July 1.
But Saturday was her official inauguration. Faculty, staff and students dressed for the occasion.

Lawrence says the highlight of her day was listening to the accomplishments of Hollins alumni during a panel.

"Some of them are just four years out, some of them might be ten years out," Lawrence said. "And their journeys and the amazing accomplishments they've had in the last few years of their lives."

When Lawrence was a student she attended an all-girls' school, which she credits as a catalyst for her strong belief in the power of a woman's college.

"I think what we want to look at is how do we prepare our women for the 21st century," she said of her leadership position. "And focus more on the relevant curriculum for them and positioning them in positions of leadership and helping them grow and transform."

The university calls Pareena a proven leader who is devoted to the empowerment of women and the liberal arts.