Take a look inside Virginia Tech's FutureHAUS, the home of tomorrow

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) The future is here. Virginia Tech is giving us a clearer picture of what our houses may look like beyond 2016.

Features, like a touch screen back splash, are astonishing to use.

"It's an electronic interface for the whole kitchen," said Joe Wheeler, the co-director of the Virginia Tech Center for Design Research.

Forget nobs and buttons, Virginia Tech's idea of a future home is all about touch screens and sensors.

Everything you need to know to start the day is in the bathroom mirror.

"It will give you your preferred temperatures for your shower and your sink. It can give you apps such as traffic or you can check your email," Wheeler said.

This clean, smooth design simplifies the style we're used to and adds a virtual component - making every corner intelligent. Down to the way we use the bathroom.

"The toilet seat will always return to the closed position after you leave the room," Wheeler said. "Say you have someone in a wheel chair in the house. The vanity will automatically raise and lower to accommodate that person."

All of this was designed by a team at Virginia Tech. They take it on tour across the country. It comes in walls that are packed with technology, ready to use with very little installation.

"You set it in place and you open it up, you unpackage it and it's perfectly pristine just the way it was prefinished in the factory," Wheeler said.

A camera in the oven allows the user to watch what's cooking on any mobile device and a smart refrigerator monitors food and drinks that are running low.

If dishwashing liquid, soap, or shampoo are running low, the home will order a replacement.

Some lighting in the living room is adjusted by pointing at it while other lights can change colors depending on the mood you want for the room.

"A few prototypes down the road and we'll eventually have a system that, we think, will eventually become mainstream," Wheeler said.

This project isn't finished.

The team is building a prototype home on campus you can visit and see the home of the future for yourself.