Floods roll through homes and businesses in Roanoke

Published: Oct. 11, 2018 at 11:22 PM EDT
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When roads turned to rivers in Roanoke, street lights toppled and powerlines fell.

On Franklin Road, the waters rolled downhill, and straight into local businesses.

"I looked inside and there was about two inches of water inside the shop," said Tony Anduiza owner of Hair Mania on Franklin Road.

In thirty three years at this location, he's never seen flooding like this.

"Even in '85 nothing happened, so I never suspected it would do that

But it wasn't just businesses that were impacted," he said.

"It wasn't going to get this high, realistically. It never has," said Cory Patirlo

Patirlo is still in shock after the Roanoke River jumped its banks and filled his house with a foot and a half of water.

"I'm gonna be sleeping in my van, with my dogs," he said.

Hours later the waters receded, leaving debris strewn streets.

The only thing left to do for many impacted by the storm:

Grab a mop, grab a hose, and get to work.

Said Tony Anduiza, "I'm gonna have to take all the water out, clean all the mud out."