Hometown Adventures: Homestead Creamery

Published: Jul. 22, 2018 at 9:30 AM EDT
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There might not be anything better on a hot summer day than ice cream. And we know one place at Smith Mountain Lake that really hits the spot.

In our latest Hometown Adventure, Caitlin Francis takes us behind the scenes at Homestead Creamery!

Homestead is a family-run business, and one of the guys behind it all, is Donnie Montgomery.

“I dairy farmed with my father for 30 and we had two dairy partners in the business. And my sons were interested in the business, so we had young people interested, so that’s the reason I got involved to start the business back in 2001,” said Montgomery, Board Chairman of Homestead Creamery.

Ice cream is their most popular item. But that’s not all. They’re making their own fresh cheese and canned goods. They even have specialty milks like orange, strawberry, and golden milk. They also offer fresh, local produce.

And of course, you can’t have great ice cream without great milk. Cocoa is one of their little calves, and one of the most important parts of the Creamery.

“That’s where our product comes from, from the cows. So we have to take care of our cows, we have to have happy cows,” Montgomery said.

And happy cows makes for happy people, especially inside the market.

“Everybody loves ice cream, so you can’t really go wrong, so they’re usually in a good mood, and if not, ice cream will definitely put them in a good mood,” said Rachel Sigmon, the Deli Supervisor at Homestead Creamery.

She says fan favorite flavors include black raspberry and butter pecan, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for fresh flavors.

They were packing up a new flavor, lemon crunch, which is quickly becoming a crowd pleaser.

“Of course we want to sample, that’s one bonus of being an ice cream scoopers is definitely, we need to make sure quality is good. We always want to sample to make sure that we are serving the best quality possible,” Sigmon said.

And their dedication to quality is something the community recognizes. They are now a destination location at Smith Mountain Lake.

“So most of the people that don’t know, they find out about us, and so the ones that don’t know, I would encourage them to come by the store, and have lunch and have ice cream!” Montgomery said.

The store is open all year, although hours change seasonally, and they’re always closed on Sunday.

They also do something called “name of the day.” Customers can look on their facebook page or check the chalkboard sign at the market, and if you have the “name of the day” you get a free kiddie scoop of ice cream.

For more information on Homestead Creamery, visit their website at: or visit their market at 7254 Booker T Washington HWY Wirtz, Virginia 24184.

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