Hometown Adventures: Smith Mountain Wake Company

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MONETA, Va. (WDBJ7) Caitlin Francis is enjoying Hometown Adventures at Smith Mountain Lake all summer long.

First, she stopped at Smith Mountain Wake Company to learn about water sports, where Ken Hayes is getting people excited about water sports.

“Has anyone broken their legs doing this?” Francis asked “That’s a negative.”

Before anything else happens. The guys from Smith Mountain Wake Company give detailed instructions and explanation of what’s going on.

“It’s infectious when you see success with the people in the water, having fun, and the guys in the boat are like, yeah this is pretty cool!” said Ken Hayes, owner of Smith Mountain Wake Company.

Hayes and his crew do about 150 of these kinds of lessons a season, they also do summer camps.

“The manufactures will offer to bring athletes, pro athletes, so people want to see the pro athletes ride, but it also helps endorse the product lines and people get instruction from the pros. So it’s like, hey Sean Murray told me this or Harley Clifford told me this, so it’s pretty neat when you have a board signed by one of the pros that’s one of the best that’s ever been in the water sport, so it’s pretty neat stuff. So we just try to keep excitement around what we do.”

His store, a retirement purchase, has become a one-stop-shop for people on the lake. You can get the lessons, also rent, or buy.

“We constantly trying to keep changing the mix because I want the store to be the go to place at Smith Mountain Lake,” he said.

That includes surf foil and wake surfing.

“I’ll do just about anything to get people involved in water sports. Again, it’s a passion of mine, I like it, and it’s not hard, and once you knock of the intimidation factor, and keep the fish away, it’s pretty fun.”

He says it’s a fun way to keep families together, and it’s a good way to challenge yourself rather than compete with others.

If you’re looking to check out Smith Mountain Wake Company, visit them inside of the Bridgewater Plaza, or visit their website at: http://smwake.com/ .