Hometown Adventures: The Virginia Dare

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MONETA, Va. (WDBJ7) All aboard the Virginia Dare! We’re taking you behind the scenes.

“Each cruise is two hours, so it usually takes two hours prior to the cruise to set up, and two hours after the cruise to clean up,” said Amanda Smith, Virginia Dare Office Manager.

Smith walks us through the boat, made in Wisconsin, and brought to Virginia in pieces, 29 years ago.

“It’s a lot of fun, it gives people the opportunity to actually get out on Smith Mountain Lake other than renting their own boat, which a lot of people aren’t comfortable with. So they’re able to enjoy the views of SML while enjoying food and drink,” she said.

The lower part of the boat is set up for an hors d’oeuvre cruise, and on to the upper deck is where you’ll find the captain’s house.

Smith says the captains are very knowledgeable and very friendly, they even let cruisers drive!

“Of course you have to learn all the boat terms like bow and starboard and portside and all that kind of stuff, lot of training in what to do in emergencies and tie ups and all that kind of stuff so yeah there’s definitely a lot of training that goes on.”

Rain or shine, people can sit back and relax.

“It’s very affordable, it’s easy, it’s something you just get on, you can enjoy yourself for two hours and not have to worry,” she said.

For more information on cruising on the Virginia Dare, visit their website at: https://vadarecruises.com/ .