Hometown Adventures: Why Knot Boat With Us

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MONETA, Va. (WDBJ7) Pirate Days means a big weekend for businesses at and around Smith Mountain Lake. It also means a lot of fun for people who want to head out!

But one young entrepreneur is hoping his new business will help keep people safe on the water.

“I saw a big need for somebody to drive boats for people. They were renting the boats, and if you rent a boat you’re liable for it. So I was seeing a lot of damage, lot of damaged propellers, lower unit damage. Costing these people a lot of money, you know an extra 3-4-500 dollars on their boat rental. So that’s kind of where I came up with the idea,” said Austin Bailey.

This is the first full season for Why Knot Boat with Us? Austin Bailey’s boat chauffeur service.

During the week, it’s more family-focused.

“You can enjoy your family time, you don’t have to worry about watching your kids on the tube while you’re driving the boat, you can sit back and enjoy the laughs on their faces while their getting tossed around on the tube, and you can really be a part of their vacation,” he said.

But when the weekend rolls around?

“I want to do kind of like a shuttle/uber platform between the bars around the lake just to kind of cut on the drunk driving.”

And he’s hoping that simply word-of-mouth will soon lead to a more established customer base, and he’s even thinking about an app.

“I really do see an opportunity to expand what I’m doing here at Smith Mountain Lake down in Florida. That would kind of lengthen my season a little bit,” Bailey said.

But for now, he’s still working on getting Why Knot up to full speed here at the lake. He says it’s already getting great feedback from people around the area, and vacationers, which is the whole point.

“With my service I completely eliminate all those worries, which really allows somebody to come down, sit down, and really enjoy their vacation with their family.”

For more information on Why Knot, visit the website at : http://www.whyknotboatsml.com/ or contact Bailey at 540-692-6311.