Hometown Eats: Blue Ridge Fudge Lady

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Pulaski, Va. (WDBJ7) If you're searching for the perfect sweet treat this holiday season, you may want to head down to Pulaski to the Blue Ridge Fudge Lady.

Since opening up, owner Robin Burdette has found a home in downtown Pulaski. The folks there are fired up for her fudge.

“I’m planning my weekends around the fudge," said Peggy White.

The fudge is prepared in a kettle that heats it to the perfect temperature without bringing it to a boil. Despite have dozens of flavors, all of the fudge is derived from the base flavor of vanilla or chocolate.

“The fudge here is different than most places, but it’s better,” Burdette said.

The fudge is turning doubters into believers.

"Honestly I don’t even like fudge and I tried it and I was like oh my gosh,” said Angie Gregory.

The best sellers are chocolate in peanut butter. Burdette said they're now pumping out over 300 pounds of fudge a week!

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