Hometown Eats: Me-Me's Cafe in Salem

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) It may be a little hidden, but once you find Me-Me's Cafe inside the American National University in Salem, you'll be coming back for more.

Despite being in the location for just a few months, it has already become a fan favorite.

"It's not just blah. It's not bland. It's really flavorful," said Nicole Kelley, a regular there.

The whole idea started when co-owner Kimberly Tipps decided to lose weight. She began with a detox water, which turned into a meal prep service, before actually opening up Me-Me's in the Fall.

Tipps, along with her husband, want to serve up home-style meals made with lots of love.

“Giving them a fresh variety of different things to eat, each time they come," said Shawn Tipps.

Part of that is made possible with the daily specials. We highly recommend the meatloaf.

You also have staples on the menu like mac and cheese.

"This is probably the cheesiest mac and cheese you’re ever going to eat in your life," said Kimberly Tipps. "This has several different cheese in it.”

And don't forget the homemade desserts, specifically the banana pudding.

Me-Me's is located at 1813 E. Main Street, Salem, Virginia inside the American National University. Their phone number is (540) 444-5226.

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