Hometown Eats: The Leaf Creative Salads in Lynchburg

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) If you’re looking for a healthy alternative on the go in Lynchburg, you may want to try out The Leaf Creative Salads. Although they’ve only been open for about a year, there is already a growing loyal following.

Some people WDBJ7 spoke with say they come in between 3 and 5 times a week!

If that’s the case, the food has got to be good!

They’re elevating the traditional salads and wraps to a new, and delicious, level.

The mastermind behind it all is co-owner Steven Everett.

“Everything just tastes better when it’s local, and it’s a lot fresher,” Everett said.

One of the most popular items on the menu is the fiesta salad.

“The fiesta salad is a good name for it because it’s a party in your mouth,” said WDBJ7’s Josh Birch.

The salad starts with a spring mix and then is topped with tomato, onion, beans, tortilla strips, and a fresh squeeze of lime juice. You can also add in protein like shrimp or chicken.

“You can taste the tomatoes. Everything that goes into it tastes good,” said Nancy Soper, a regular at The Leaf.

Another hit is the popeye wrap, complete with turkey, bacon, greens, tomato and sprouts.

It also features a popular ingredient at The Leaf – avocado.

“We go through almost 15 pounds of avocado a day,” Everett said.

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