Hometown Eats: The Witt Stop in Buchanan

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BUCHANAN, Va. (WDBJ7) There's a one-stop-shop in Buchanan that has the locals raving. The Witt Stop offers groceries, locally made products, plus some incredible food.

Owner Spring Witt is offering it all for the small town. She's also bringing her passion for food to everyone who stops by.

“We’re not buying out of a box," Witt said. "I want to be different. I don’t want to do that. And people seem to like the homemade stuff so I’ll stick with it. It works."

If you stop by the Witt Stop, there are two things the locals say you've got to try -- the hot dogs and the pan-fried oysters.

"The flavor that she does in the chili is just awesome. I don’t know what is in it, how she prepares it, but I wouldn’t trade it for any hot dog place in Roanoke," said John Manspile, who gets multiple hot dogs at the Witt Stop each week!

A popular combo on the hot dog is Spring's homemade chili and homemade coleslaw.

As for the fried oysters, instead of using a deep fryer, Witt uses a pan with olive oil. Instead of seasoning the oysters and egg wash, she's dumping it right into the hot oil.

"I tell you what, the seasoning blend she put on these things is unbelievable, and you can never have too much old bay,” said WDBJ7's Josh Birch.

Don't forget to try out the homemade desserts while you're there either!

The Witt Stop is located at 19386 Main Street, Buchanan, Virginia 24066. Their phone number is (540) 254-8024.

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