Hometown Eats: Wing Boss in Roanoke

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- If you're searching for some awesome wings, you might want to head over to Wing Boss in Roanoke. With a menu featuring bone-in or boneless wings, you're not going to be disappointed.

"This is the only restaurant that is consistently good. Not just their wings but their burgers, their fries, all of their food,” said Mike Brockenshire.

Brockenshire knows wings when he sees them, having grown up in Buffalo, New York.

Behind the wing magic is owner Jody Draper.

"I did construction for 20 years and loved it," Draper said. "The family talked me into opening a restaurant. It was one of those I came in here, did it and been doing it ever since.”

Draper offers up more than two dozen sauces or rubs that you can pick from for your wings. If that isn't enough, you may still be in luck.

"This is the only place that if you suggest a sauce to them ,they will go out of their way and try to make it to what you’re used to,” Brockenshire said.

"If you want sweet, they’ve got sweet. You want heat, they’ve got heat. If you want savory, they’ve got savory. They’re doing it all,” said WDBJ7's Josh Birch.

Wing Boss doesn't just stop at wings though. They're featuring sandwiches like their boss burger, topped with bacon and one of their wing sauces, and the boss nachos, complete with pulled pork, homemade salsa and cheese mixed with one of their signature sauces.

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