Hope Center Ministries for Women in Pittsylvania County gets approval for a special use permit

CASCADE, Va. (WDBJ) - In May 2019, Hope Center Ministries opened it's drug rehabilitation center for women in Pittsylvania County.

The organization's goal is to give opportunities to women who struggle with drug addiction to be a part of society again.

The center is home to 11 women with plans to expand to 16 but Hope Ministries director, Travis Byrd, says that caused safety concerns for residents in the neighborhood.

Byrd says there has never been any problems at the men's center in Axton.

"There have never been any issues or any calls about our men's center in Axton in two years, so we have program that tried and true." said Byrd.

On Tuesday night, over 40 supporters of the program spoke out during the county's zoning appeals meeting.

The county voted, 6 to 1, to approve the center's request for a special use permit, helping the Hope Center earn a special use permit that will allow it to continue to operate.

Still, Byrd says the permit was not the only victory of the night.

"It ended up being something that has really empowered and inspired our women to continue their recovery" said Byrd.