Hope Initiative marks one year in Roanoke Valley

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) This month marks one year since the Hope Initiative began in the Roanoke Valley. The program works to help people battle addiction and find the right treatment and resources.

Danny Gilbert said, “She was a great individual until the drugs consumed her.”

Gilbert’s 27 year old daughter, Jordan, died earlier this year. Before that, they had been getting help at the Bradley Free Clinic.

“They do a fabulous job here not only to help people but to help parents like me,” he said.

This month marks one year since the Hope Initiative started. Janine Underwood is one of the many volunteers who have been in since day one.

Janine Underwood, Bradley Free Clinic Executive Director, said, “They're in a hopeless situation and we've been able to give them hope.”

The program is designed to help people find the right resources to fight addiction. Since it began, more than 117 people have walked through the doors at the Bradley Free Clinic.

Officer R.A. Hodges, Roanoke City Police, said, “Now on an everyday basis I'm also out there looking for people who might have addiction just looking for help.”

People like Officer Hodges jumped on board with the program, bringing people in off the streets to get help immediately.

“Now that we can say do you want help? If you want help I can help you right now,” said Hodges. “And you'll see it in their face. They never thought it was possible before.”

Danny's daughter may have lost her battle, but he believes the Hope Initiative can help save others in this ongoing crisis.

“You're either going to die, or you're going to quit,” said Gilbert. “You got no choice. There's no in-between.”

The Bradley Free Clinic accepts walk-ins for the Hope Initiative Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.