Big plans for two Botetourt County horses

Published: May. 8, 2016 at 4:55 PM EDT
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A farm in Buchanan says they saved a pregnant horse from slaughter, and now they have big plans for her and her foal.

New Freedom Farm is Lois Fritz's idea of paradise.

Lois Fritz, Owner, New Freedom Farm, said, "We searched for two and a half years for this perfect land."

After moving here last November, she wanted to share it as much as she could. Two months ago, she brought in Mabeline.

“It fell into place fantastically,” she said.

Fritz says the then pregnant horse was set to be slaughtered. Her complicated birth came less than a month after getting settled in her new home.

“It was difficult,” said. “She had gotten stuck and the mother had some birthing complications.”

The foal, Liberty, was sent to Virginia Tech's vet school after even more complications came up. Fritz appreciates the help from family, friends and groups to get to this point. Now, mom and foal are in good shape, and ready for their next chapter.

Randy Trimmer, who was visiting the farm, said, “It's just -- very soothing.”

Trimmer is dealing with the recent death of his dog. He's finding some comfort with Liberty.

“I'm away from everything, I can just relax and get my head clear and it's very good,” he said.

Fritz said, “This is a wonderful therapeutic place to come even if you just sit in the pasture and watch the horses.”

Fritz is planning to open her farm and help survivors of PTSD. After saving these horses, she hopes they can, in turn, help heal others.

Fritz said, "Liberty will be the ambassador for New Freedom Farm, and yes she will play a really great role."

She plans to open up the therapy side of the farm this fall.