Hospice to hold a 5K to raise money

LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) Hope the Hospice Bear is making the rounds in Lexington to raise awareness for the annual Hospice Hustle.

Bruce Young/WDBJ7

The Hospice Hustle is a 5K Glow Run & Walk to raise money for the Rockbridge Area Hospice.

The first person to take a selfie with Hope wins a free luminary bag to honor a loved one. You have to post it to the Hospice Hustle Facebook page for a chance to win.

"By having Hope put in the community, we're trying to remind people that part of what Hospice does is help bring families together so that they can have that bit of joy in a difficult time," Executive Director of the Rockbridge Area Hospice Tasha Walsh said.

The Hospice Hustle is September 17, and you can pre-register on the Hospice Hustle 2016 webpage.