How cafeteria workers prep for lunch time

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) At some point during the school day tummies start to rumble.

And there are cafeteria workers who are ready to satisfy that hunger.

We all probably have that lunch lady who was our favorite. And for kids in Lexington City Schools it's no different.

Lou Hassler is the Food Service Director. For nearly 19 years she's been serving up lunch.

She plans what the kids are going to eat a month in advance. Hassler says the kids are getting used to the new school lunch guidelines.

“It’s a new change for the kids the last couple of years. They're learning and they're eating healthier. They have it on their tray. They don't always eat it, but it's there,” Hassler said.

And sometimes the kids find the stuff on their tray isn't so bad after all.

“If they don't get it at home they're not used to it. And we try to get them to try stuff. And a lot of times the kids will try and like it,” said Hassler.

Lou says the best thing about working in the cafeteria is the kids.

“Coming in and seeing the kids, I have kids that when I first started work they are coming in and their kids are coming in now and they'll tell me that Ms. Lou used to be our cafeteria manager or cafeteria person when we were in school and she'll be good to you,” she said.