WDBJ7 Special Report: How is your food kept safe in Virginia?

Siobhan McGirl Before your food makes it to the supermarket shelf here in Virginia, it gets checked out. It’s not checked just once, but multiple times.

From preparation, to right before it's ready to be packaged up for sale, a state agency has got your back. The Virginia Department of Agriculture has four labs across the Commonwealth inspecting your food and making sure it’s safe.

The Lynchburg Regional Animal Health Lab tests over 20,000 samples of milk a year as well as over 12,000 meat samples. They test for bacteria like Listeria, Salmonella, or E. coli.

"Those positive samples, if they occur, they occur before the food has made it to the market. So we're catching it before it happens,” said Dr. John Moody, Director of Lynchburg Regional Animal Health Lab.

Wednesday night at 6:00 we take you inside the lab to see what the testing process looks like. Dr. Moody says he doesn’t think anything gets by them. We’ll show you why he is so confident.