How to limit allergens in your home this season

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Red, watery eyes. Itchy noses. It's a sign of the times, but there are ways you can cut the number of allergens in your home.

Ted Puzio says his company, Southern Trust, has been installing these UV lights on people's systems. This is relatively new technology, but another easy change -- your filters.

He says most people aren't changing them out enough.

"People let go of the dust and the filters They don't hesitate on the oil filter in their car, but the house is the biggest, most expensive investment they have and they never think of the air filter," Puzio says.

Puzio also says you should change these once a month, and more if you have pets. He says if you remove the filter, and don't replace it, it could cost you a whole new system.