How to use essential oils to fight off colds and flu

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Rayelle Williamson stopped by WDBJ7 Saturday Morning to talk with Caitlin Francis about how to use essential oils to stay healthy.

Since this cold and flu season is so brutal, she discussed how to use a diffuser in the bedroom to help with congestion.

Williamson also showed us how to assemble an at-home vapor rub, similar to what we might buy in a store.

With two basic ingredients, you can make it at home. She says you’ll need about a ¼ cup of solid coconut oil, or two fork-fulls.

Mix 5 drops of R.C. (respiratory care blend) or Eucalyptus essential oil into the coconut oil, and mix together.

Store in a 2 oz. container, which will last all season.

For more information on essential oils, contact Rayelle at or or by phone at 540-525-1094.

If you have pets, check with your vet before using oils in the home, because some can be harmful.