Hundreds attend viewing parties for presidential debate

Published: Sep. 26, 2016 at 11:44 PM EDT
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It's the first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump as time ticks to the November election.

At Liberty University, the College Republicans club hosted a pre-debate party.

Afterward, hundreds of students attended a viewing party hosted by the Student Government Association.

Students and politicians such as former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann rooted for Trump.

"People have been seeing the unraveling of our country for the last few years and they want to get back on track and I think what they're seeing is a very strong, energetic, focuses individual who has plans about how to truly make America great," said Bachmann.

Others tried to shed light on the Libertarian Party.

"We need to be out there basically heart to heart not expecting big daddy government to come in and tell them how to live their lives whether it's stances on marriage or on drug use," said Brian Stewart, who is a Libertarian.

On the Democratic side, members of "Hillary for Virginia" hosted nine debate parties across the commonwealth, including one in Roanoke.

"I think she's right on target. I think she's accurate. I think she's talking about policies, giving solutions for policies. He's not answering the question," said Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea.

"I like her reference to his own reality, he's in his own reality and he is able to come out with what are facts," said Elaine Valentine, who supports Hillary Clinton.