Hyra makes first campaign visit as Libertarian candidate for Governor

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Cliff Hyra is making his first campaign visit to western Virginia since he won the Libertarian nomination for Governor.

On Saturday, he plans to campaign at the Steppin' Out street festival in Blacksburg, and he expects to find a receptive audience there.

Hyra wasn't invited to first gubernatorial debate and doesn't have the campaign finances of his Democratic and Republican rivals, but he says people are responding to economic proposals that include a state tax exemption on the first $60,000 of household income.

"If they're only going to know one thing," Hyra told WDBJ7 in an interview Friday afternoon, "they should know the difference in the tax plans between me and the other candidates. I am proposing that the average family here in Virginia pay no income tax. So that's a huge change. That's a sea change."

Hyra attended Virginia Tech, where he met his wife Stephanie. Hyra says she is now 37 weeks pregnant, expecting the couple's fourth child.