"I Love You, Hang Up and Drive"

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Don't text and drive is a message we hear all the time.

Roanoke Children's Theatre performers rehearse play that they hope may help save a life

This week, the Roanoke Children's Theatre is taking that message to the stage.

"It's not like an after-school special. It's not like a parent pointing the finger. But it's people their own age up in a unique way of presenting a play that we hope will touch them" says Artistic Director Pat Wilhelms.

"I Love You, Hang Up and Drive" is based on last texts.
It's a series of four different scenarios woven into a play to bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving.

Abby Martin says her character gets involved in a crash after leaning in for a kiss.
As for her own driving habits, she says she avoids texting and driving.

"I recently went on a trip, and I counted how many cars that I saw with people on their phones, and it was over 10 in about two minutes, and that's kind of frightening for me," says Martin.

Fellow actress Adalynn Eller agrees.
She says she play is making her think more about her own behaviors behind the wheel.

"Definitely, now that I've done the show, I've realized that anytime I was about to check the time of my phone to set it down and re-evaluate my decision," says Eller.

The play targets teens who are driving, or about to get their license.
But its message is a good reminder for audiences of all ages.

For actor David Schultz, the play hits close to home, after losing a close friend in a wreck last year.

"I hope that people understand, and are moved by it, and not just they come and they cry and be like 'that was a beautiful show," I want them to come and realize if I don't text and drive, or if I don't get distracted while I'm driving, I'm not only saving my life, but I could be saving someone else's life, " says Schultz.

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