IKEA donates furniture to Cardinal Village with help of Wendell Scott Foundation

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) A holiday miracle for many families who live in Cardinal Village in Danville as they get some new furniture compliments of IKEA.

IKEA delivered kitchen tables, chairs, couches, and shelves to Cardinal Village Wednesday.

The Wendell Scott Foundation partnered with them to make it happen.

EBI Mattress Company also donated several mattresses to residents.

"A young lady who was in need of a bed. She was probably five years old, so she kind of stood there and watched the team assemble the bed in her room and it kind of reminds you that if it wasn't for IKEA's donation, she maybe would be sleeping on the floor," says CEO of the Wendell Scott Foundation, Warrick Scott.

The Wendell Scott Foundation hopes to partner with IKEA more in the future and help more families in need.