Icy conditions in Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Montgomery County has icy roads, especially on secondary roads.

Poplar Hollow Road in Shawsville is one very icy secondary road. A woman who lives down the street hasn't left her home because of the slick conditions.

VDOT spokesperson Jen Ward also says VDOT has been plowing and applying abrasives to secondary roads. Some secondary roads have shady areas--that makes pavement temperatures stay colder, so VDOT says to use caution on those roads.

They also encourage people to get a later start tomorrow morning because refreezing may occur tonight, since any wet roads will become icy as temperatures fall well below freezing overnight.

Ward said, "It's going to continue overnight and really drop down in the lower temperatures. It's really hard for those roadways to have any kind of chance to warm up, so people should expect in the morning to find some icy roadways, even if it looks like it might be clear, it may not."

VDOT says the roads have been difficult to treat because of the wintery mix--with snow on some roads and ice on others.

Most interstates and primary routes are in clear to minor condition with isolated slick spots, according to VDOT.