Improvements to Danville Park sparks more interest in outdoor activities

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Improvements to a popular Danville park are finished.

Abreu Gorgan Park has new boat docks, bathrooms and a fishing area.

The work was done by Duke Energy following the coal ash spill two years ago.

Danville Parks and Recreation says it's all about improving the quality of life by providing opportunities for people to get outdoors.

It's part of a new trend called "passive recreation".

"People want to get outside, people want to get outdoors but they may not want to schedule things. They might just want to impromptu, hey let's go to the park today," Danville Parks and Recreation's Communications Specialist Russell Carter said.

Danville resident Brandon Sanders was enjoying his day off from work at the park.

"It's a nice day, they got this new park here. Got a nice little deck area where you can fish it, it's a nice day why not I'm off," Sanders said.

Danville Parks and Recreation leaders say the park was very busy all weekend and they have received many calls about renting kayaks, stand up paddle boards and canoes.

There are even instructional classes available for water sports.

For renting prices and more information click on the related link and then the "Explore the Outdoors" tab.