In Today's News: A Recap

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Texas school district approves paddling as punishment

"Taking it back to the old skool'", as many would probably say. One Texas school district approved a new disciplinary method that would permit paddling. The new policy will begin at the start of the school year.

Major wreck on 220N in Franklin County

Authorities were on scene at a possible fatal wreck today on 220N in Franklin County. WDBJ7 will continue to update this story as more details arrive.

Major Healthcare reform bill will be taken up by Senate

Just days after being diagnosed with a form of brain cancer, Senator John McCain joined others in the vote to repeal "Obamacare", which has been a major topic for debate throughout President Trump's short time in office. Vice President Mike Pence was the deciding factor in the bill moving forward.

Wisconsin company wants to implant microchips in employees' hands

If you can withstand the pain of getting your ear pierced, then one Wisconsin company wants to implant a microchip in your hand. The technology is said to replace identification cards used to open doors and operate office equipment.

Parents of terminally ill baby have one last wish

The Gard family has received international attention for their battle to keep their terminally ill bundle of joy Charlie alive. Unfortunately, their fight stopped but the parents of baby Charlie have one last wish: to take him home, put him to bed and kiss him goodbye. Even this has been met with much pushback.

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