Independent wins Bedford County board member spot

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BEDFORD Co., Va. (WDBJ7) -- Bedford County’s District 2 has spoken for their newest Board of Supervisors member.

Edgar Tuck Election Night, Nov. 7, 2017 (WDBJ7)

Independent Candidate, Edgar Tuck captured all five precincts in the district - which represents most of the Moneta area and parts of Huddleston, Smith Mountain Lake and Body Camp.

Tuck, who friends and colleagues call Pedro, took the lead as soon as the results started coming in.

It was the first 3-way race since 2007 and right off the bat, Independent candidate Edgar Tuck took a staggering lead over his two opponents – widening the gap by more than 30-percent with less than half of District two’s precincts reporting.

Now the newest elected board member is ready to tackle some issues. “Our Broadband efforts need to move forward as soon as possible. And we are working on our Capital Improvements plan with the school board and we need to make sure these schools in District Two are taken care of,” he explained.

Tuck says he favors the proposed Comcast deal that is designed to expand current internet services and provide better broadband to the area.

The hometown candidate, who grew up in District Two, says his message was heard loud and clear by the voters. “We put partisan stuff aside and that we work together for solutions for this county,” he said.

Tuck earned the support of several current and former board members – who cited his strong work ethic and background in the banking industry. “Knowing him on a personal level, he’s a rational, well thought … will consider all the facts, which is necessary to make these decisions, some of which are very difficult,” explained Kevin Willis, the Dist. 7 Board of Supervisors member.

Tuck will be the first independent to serve on the Board in nearly 10 years. “The folks came out today and supported us and [I] look forward to working for them for the next four years,” added Tuck.

He will replace current chairman Curry Martin, who has served on the board since 2013.

Tuck's term will begin Jan. 1.