Industrial park announcement brings hope to the Town of Hurt

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PITTSYLVANIA CO., Va. (WDBJ7) An industrial site in Hurt is getting new life.

Tuesday, Pittsylvania County leaders announced the former Burlington Industries property will become an industrial park.

Town leaders say they hope to see development within the next year.

The announcement has folks overjoyed.

The town of Hurt has struggled to bring new people in and create jobs over the last few years.

But now, leaders are calling what the sign out front of the park represents, the key to success.

"It's awesome, that's the words. It's awesome. We know what's coming, things are fixing to change," Hurt's Chairman of Economic Development Norman Bivens said.

Bivens says it's important to make sure folks know there is hope.

"We've never given up on the Town of Hurt. We have people feel like it's an retirement community, I've never felt like that," Bivens said.

Bivens is excited about the new Southern Virginia Multi-Modal Park which will make up around 800 acres of land in Hurt.

The land will soon be cleared for future development and they already have over a dozen businesses interested.

"The average capital investment that we are seeing on those 70 to 100 million dollars per project. With an average hiring range of somewhere between 175 to 250 jobs," Pittsylvania County's Economic Development Director Matt Rowe said.

County leaders says this new park, along with the Berry Hill Mega Park in the southern part of the county, is the foundation for a successful future.

"Developing good sites, it allows me to actually have product market in that area cause what works in the northern portion of the county
may not work in the southern portion and vice versa," Rowe said.

The new industrial park may also help neighboring counties.

"Jobs, resources, it's the much needed boost the area needs," Bivens said.

Tuesday, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced the First Virginia Business Ready Sites Program Award Recipients. The SVMP received $5,000.

The Mayor of Hurt says there is an atmosphere of hope that hasn't been felt here in a long time.

He sent us this statement:

"Today's announcement represents a major milestone in a process that began on February 19 of this year, when we first started "brainstorming" this concept with the site's new owners and with the county. This has been in the forefront of our minds since that time, and there have been lots of meetings, emails, calls, and letters. Today, even though we are still early in the process, there is a feeling of elation that the time and energy that's gone into this​ endeavor is actually about to yield something of significance.

It's not every day that a small Southern Virginia town of 1,300 people and very limited resources finds someone of the caliber and character of Samet Corporation looking to situate a several-hundred-acre, twenty-first century industrial park in its back yard. If what we envision here comes to fruition, it will be transformational, not only to the physical landscape, but to our economic one as well. "Luck" doesn't cover this. Thus far, we find ourselves blessed, and looking forward, there is an atmosphere of hope here that we haven't felt in a long time. Two months from today is New Year's. I think that's going to evoke some very different feelings than it did last year, and for some good reasons. Stay tuned..."

Read the full press release below:

Hurt, VA. – Samet Corporation, Hurt Partners, LLC, Pittsylvania County, and the Town of Hurt are pleased to announce a new business multimodal park set to be built in Hurt, VA at the location of the former Burlington Industries / Klopman Mills Site. The Park will give its tenants direct access to rail and highway transportation, along with high capacity industrial infrastructure including water and wastewater.

Construction of the new 800 +/- acre business park will begin this coming year. The site has been named The Southern Virginia Multimodal Park, or SVMP for short. Sites in the Multi-modal park will be available for sale or lease.

Matt Rowe, director of Economic Development for Pittsylvania County commends Samet and Hurt Partners for their commitment to the project. “Top quality industrial development, such as what is planned for SVMP, makes a community more competitive. SVMP will help northern Pittsylvania County and the Town of Hurt get a lot more looks and from a wider variety of industries and project types. Given the County and Town’s efforts to establish an intermodal facility at the site, along with Samet’s expertise in developing successful business and industrial parks, I am confident that the Southern Virginia Multi-Modal Park will attract quality industries that will result in numerous jobs and large private capital investments.”

This corporate business park will be the eighth corporate park constructed by Samet Corporation. “Samet’s buildings are well designed and are always built with their end user in mind.” Rowe explains. “From visiting a few of their other projects and properties, I can certainly attest to their buildings having a certain curb appeal that reflects well on those who ultimately occupy them. Future buildings constructed by Samet at the Park will certainly be a tremendous asset to the Town of Hurt and northern Pittsylvania County. Samet has had success with their previous business park developments throughout the Southeastern US which speaks well not only of their company, but also of their investment in this new business park.”

“I am excited to hear of Samet and Hurt Partners’ plan to develop a business park in northern Pittsylvania County”, said Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jessie Barksdale. “This Park will not only attract industries and jobs, but will also be a key driver in supporting the Town of Hurt and northern Pittsylvania County. With the possibility of an intermodal facility also being part of the development, the SVMP will be a location that provides its businesses the needed connection to markets worldwide”.

“Samet’s great reputation and outstanding product quality, combined with Hurt’s solid commitment toeconomic development and community revitalization, make our town a great location for companies to establish themselves and pursue a profitable future”, commented Town of Hurt Mayor Gary Poindexter. “As an industrial/commercial developer, Samet adds value to their (and our) customer’s bottom line

with a full array of services and a good working relationship with a town that wants to do the right things in the right way. Samet’s aggressive approach to the development of SVMP is already instrumental in re-shaping the future focus of Hurt’s proposed growth to our local corporate citizens.”

Mayor Poindexter has a long term vision for the development, and believes that “When you really contemplate the possible future of the SVMP, the potential long-term implications of this development are huge. This is a very exciting time for the Town of Hurt and Pittsylvania County, and a great time to be involved in the relationship-building and other processes that are going on. We are truly blessed to find ourselves working with Samet, Hurt Partners LLC, county and state officials, and others, in a collaborative effort to rejuvenate the local economy. If we can do that, it will be a win-win for all”.

Arthur Samet, President and CEO for Samet Corporation stated, “Industrial Development is an important part of our strategy. The development investment, speed of occupancy and low risk that our industrial development program offers creates a competitive advantage. Other advantages strategic to the success of SVMP include the park’s location in Pittsylvania County, immediate rail access, industrial grade utility access and reduced development expense compared with projects elsewhere in the State and on the east coast.”

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