Infinity Acres Ranch works to 'ENABLE' adults with disabilities

Published: Mar. 14, 2017 at 5:37 PM EDT
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The Infinity Acres Ranch in Henry County now has a new state license that allows it to work with adults with disabilities.

The adults can go to the ranch and volunteer, and also learn some things along the way.

The owners of Infinity Acres Ranch say there's a need for more education opportunities for adults with disabilities.

That's why they came up with their new day support program, ENABLE: Enriching, nurturing, animal-based learning experiences.

The adults who participate can actually throw on their boots and help with the critter care each day.

"Great for the animals for socializing. It's great for the humans for just calming, soothing activity," says Infinity Acres Ranch co-owner, Laura Steere.

Right now they offer the program two days a week.

They do crafts, exercise, and have a focus on nutrition.

"The ones that come become so engaged, they become so emotionally bonded with the animals. They find it very very satisfying and they want to be involved as often and as much as they can," says Steere.

Two women are taking advantage of the program now.

They want more people to join so they can come more through the week.

"We don't have animals, so I like to come here and be with animals," says participant, Cathy Ginter.

"I love animals and I love feeding them," says participant, Monica Lynnlyvely.

ENABLE offers interactive animal programming year-round weekdays from 9 a.m. to 2 pm.

Steere said they can accommodate up to 15 people and plan to expand as needs grow.