Iraq war veteran and teen next door partner up to remove neighborhood snow

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BELLEVUE, NE (WOWT/Gray News) -- Justin Anderson is an Iraq veteran, amputee and brain cancer survivor who uses a special wheelchair to plow his neighborhood.

His story, which was originally reported in 2016, made its way into big national publications.

"I was getting called from the LA Times the Houston Chronical, New York Post, People Magazine." Said Anderson

The wheelchair was donated to him by The Independence Fund, an organization meant to empower disabled veterans.

Recently Anderson moved to a new home in Bellevue, on Nebraska’s eastern border with Iowa, and now he isn’t removing snow alone.

It was the teenager next door, Noah Triggs, who decided to make shoveling Sunday's half-foot of snow a team sport.

“With it being a military community we still all kind of have the sense of helping one another out, and the more you have working, the faster the work is going to go,” said Anderson

“It’s a dynamic duo pretty much. It’s nice. I get the sidewalks so it’s awesome,” said Triggs

Anderson said plowing is just one of the ways he continues to give back to his community. He’s also a motivational speaker with the Independence Fund.