Irma evacuees come to Lynchburg prepared for a wedding

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) As the flood waters continue to rage on, one couple living on the river in Jacksonville has been watching it all happen from Lynchburg.

This couple was prepared for the hurricane in a unique way. They’re ready for a wedding, and not just any wedding, their own! They are getting married in just under two weeks so when it came time to evacuate and take the most important items, their list included a wedding dress and rings.

A car with Florida plates sitting in a Lynchburg driveway.
Inside of the car: not what you would expect.

“Here is the veil,” says Patricia Andrews, Florida evacuee as she is rummaging through her trunk. “Something blue.”

Andrews and Mike Oles live in Jacksonville Florida and in about two weeks will just be "the Oles", but when Hurricane Irma came barreling toward their home, they were not going to chance their safety. They got out and came to Oles’ old hometown of Lynchburg.

With the “big day” so close, they didn't want their wedding supplies to be flooded either.

So they packed it up and brought it to the Hill City to stay with friends.
“A whole wedding in a car,” said Andrews.

Shoes, the dress they are ready to go.

“I only have one wedding dress. And I want our day to be very special,” said Andrews.

New to Jacksonville, they have no contact with neighbors and have been watching the storm unfold on TV. Their home is right on the river that has been flooding. Not certain what they will return to, the couple has made sure at least one thing will remain constant.

“In case we didn't go home again I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed for the wedding,” said Andrews. “I've been waiting for this wedding for a while so, I wasn't going to let anything get in the way.”