It’s a ‘painting extravaganza’ at the Floyd Plein Air Festival

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FLOYD, Va. (WDBJ7)— Artists from across the country have been all throughout Floyd County for a week-long painting extravaganza. The event is hosted every other year, but this is only the second time it has been offered in Floyd.

31 artists from Massachusetts to Georgia were selectively chosen to participate in the group, based on a wide range of two-dimensional art.

“It’s our mission to help artists create work, but also be successful businesspeople, so it’s our mission, really, to put on events like this,” said Martha Sullivan, the chair of the development committee for the Floyd Center for the Arts.

Thursday’s event at the Floyd Eco Village was one of two opportunities for artists to exhibit their work during the week.

“I’m a painter from observation, and I enjoy learning from nature,” said Nan Mahone Wellborn, one of the 31 artists selected for the event. “I’ve enjoyed the whole creative process, even as a child. My mother was a painter, so I think she kept me busy that way so I grew up having a brush and something to do.”

She chose a spot on the side of the pond behind the Eco Village that was backlit. She said the contrast of the bright goldenrod against the greenery and the pond gave her the challenge she wanted.

“I wanted something of the moment, so the fact that it’s golden rod and that’s what’s blooming right now, I thought that was kind of fun,” Mahone Wellborn said. “Floyd is a fascinating place to paint, its different countryside, rolling hills, offers incredible vistas.”

Mahone Wellborn said it’s nice to be able to mingle with other artists at these events, that it helps with the creative process.

“We do learn from each other, it’s a fun group,” she said. “Everybody’s very generous and enjoys talking about their work.”

“It’s a great time to show the community what fabulous work is done by these Plein Air artists and it’s also a way to see Floyd in a totally different light,” Sullivan said.

The painting continues for the next two days. On Saturday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., there’s a gala at the Floyd Center for the Arts. You can see artwork that was made all throughout the week there and if you can’t make it then, it’ll be on display through the first week of October.

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