'It’s my job': Security guard fights off masked robbers at cellphone store

HOUSTON (KTRK/CNN) - A security guard is being hailed as a hero after stopping an armed robbery.

Tomas Garcia confronted the suspects who all go away. He's now being hailed as a hero. (Source: KTRK/CNN)

Police said he confronted at least two suspects who tried to hold up a cellphone store over the weekend.

The scene was caught on surveillance video.

Video shows Tomas Garcia yelling commands to one of the robbers to get down.

Moments later a struggle ensues.

Garcia tries to hold the robber back, but he said the suspect kept grabbing his arm trying to get out of his hold.

The robber dropped his gun and asked Garcia not to shoot him.

“When I saw the guy get out quickly, he said ‘please, please, please don’t shoot me,’” Garcia said.

The robbers took off and Garcia said he didn’t shoot his gun because other employees were in the store and he didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

While the suspects took off, they did leave evidence behind, including a gun and the car they drove to the robbery.

The car was reportedly stolen earlier this month in a carjacking.

Garcia is just glad he was there.

“It’s my job, I like to my job,” Garcia said.

"He risked his life and he came within minutes,” said Saad Hashmani, who operates the store. “He had his eye toward the shopping center to make sure everyone was safe. He actually saved us."

Garcia said there were three robbers with masks.

Police said two went in the store and one person acted as a lookout.

Officers are looking for them.

“I’m 100% sure that these kids, they’re not going to come back to this store,” Hashmani said.

"I think I'm not a hero. I do my job, that's it," Garcia said.

Investigators are asking for the public to help them identify the suspects.

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