JES supporting local restaurants with free meals for employees

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ROANOKE, Va (WDBJ7) It's an old saying: there is no free lunch. But for employees of JES in Salem Tuesday, there was a free dinner.

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Employees walked away from Mac and Bob's with pizza, pasta and whatever else they would need to feed a family of four.

JES bought the meals for its workers as part of its nationwide "Serve and Support" initiative. Organizers say this was an opportunity to support a local business while also showing appreciation for employees.

"You see the chains, they're doing well, but with all this COVID stuff going on, we want to make sure we're going above and beyond to look out for the local communities in any way that we can," said Nic Spruill, production manager for JES Salem.

This is the second round of Serve and Support meals the company has bought. It plans to continue buying the meals, at a different restaurant every week, until the pandemic ends.

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