JMU Athletics reports successful first year in alcohol sales at Bridgeforth Stadium leads to less binge drinking

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV)-- The football season is over for the James Madison University (JMU) Dukes, but numbers are in after the first season of selling beer and cider at Bridgeforth Stadium.

Students show their school spirit at Bridgeforth Stadium | Photo: WHSV

Kevin Warner, assistant athletic director for communications, said it was a very successful endeavor for the fans and the company Aramark, which runs concessions at the stadium, as well as other campus dining.

"Everybody's really pleased with how the first year went, and I only see brighter days ahead in terms of that being part of the gameday experience at Bridgeforth Stadium," said Warner.

After a nine-game season, concessions grossed $250,000 off of alcohol sales, but it also helped the athletic department accomplish a much larger goal—curbing binge drinking during tailgates and pre-game parties.

"The alcohol sales have allowed fans to spread out and drink more responsibly over the course of the day, and we saw that play out. That was a goal, and that's how it played out," said Warner.

Warner said it is too early for the department to say if it will add other drinks for purchase in the future, but he did say there are discussions to evaluate if alcohol sales would be beneficial at other sporting events as well.