Jefferson Forest at Liberty

BEDFORD, Va Liberty and Jefferson Forest are separated by just a twenty minute drive on route 221. But Friday night the Minutemen and the Cavaliers were worlds apart.

The home crowd was looking for something to cheer about.
It was 12-nothing JF and the Cavaliers added to it.

Keenan Cupit did the honors breaking through, slipping a tackle and getting in for 6 to make it a 19 point lead.

The Cavs struck again on their next possession. Jacob Hackworth got around the end and there's nobody there. Hackworth showed off some fleet feet. He took it to the distance on a 90 yard touchdown run as Jefferson Forest struck with the big play to lead by 26.

Liberty just trying to hang in and they give it to the workhorse. Taylor Carson who bounced off defenders and hustled to the corner of the endzone and the Minutemen were on the board.

But on the ensuing kickoff, Josh Harris fielded the kick 8 yards deep in the endzone and he's came out. That proved to be a good decision. Harris got to the sideline and motored 100 plus yards on the return for a score and the Cavaliers had all the momentum.

Drake Shaeffer to help Liberty mount a second half rally with this fourth quarter TD, but Jefferson Forest was too tough in a 48-26 shootout win.