Jens Soering petitioning Virginia governor for pardon

Jens Soering in 1990
Jens Soering in 1990(WDBJ)
Published: Aug. 24, 2016 at 12:57 PM EDT
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The man convicted of carrying out a high-profile murder in Bedford County is asking the Governor for a pardon.

Speaking in front of reporters at a Charlottesville event space, attorney Steven Rosenfield said Wednesday that his client Jens Soering did not get a fair trial in Bedford County in 1990.

"There is a killer still at large," Rosenfield said.

In laying out his case for Soering's release, Rosenfield told reporters the evidence originally used to convict his client has been "reevaluated."

"This is not so much new information as it is a new analysis," Rosenfield explained.

Rosenfield said two of the Type "O" blood stains, found at the scene of Derek and Nancy Haysom's murder in 1985, have undergone a DNA analysis that eliminates Soering as a possible contributor. Several other Type "O" stains found at the crime scene were too degraded to undergo a new analysis.

Rosenfield also contends that a sock print found at the murder scene and later compared to Soering's footprint was an unreliable piece of evidence.

"You can not match up sock print impressions and treat it as science," said Rosenfield.

Rosenfield said Soering's original defense team "dropped the ball" He has filed a petition asking Governor Terry McAuliffe for an absolute pardon of Soering and a request for parole.

Soering is serving two life terms for the 1985 slayings of the Haysoms. He initially confessed to killing the couple, but then recanted. He said his then-girlfriend, Elizabeth Haysom, killed her parents and told him afterward. Haysom is serving a 90-year sentence in a Virginia correctional facility.

A documentary called "The Promise" was shown following Rosenfield's remarks in Charlottesville Wednesday. The film, which reporters were allowed to watch but not record, aims to demonstrate the weakness of the of the evidence that convicted Soering.