Jesse Jackson mobilizes voters in central and western Virginia

Published: Sep. 18, 2017 at 8:59 PM EDT
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The Rev. Jesse Jackson might not move as fast as he once did, but at 75, he still has the passion of a baptist preacher and the determination of a civil rights pioneer.

Monday, he spoke to five different audiences during a visit to central and western Virginia.

Jackson started the day in Roanoke at High Street Baptist Church, where he attended an event organized by the Roanoke Branch of the NAACP.

Later, he participated in a town hall meeting hosted by the Roanoke College Democrats.

He touched on many subjects, including the recent violence in Charlotttesville.

"The pain of Charlottesville still haunts us very much," Jackson said. "There's too much hatred, violence, ignorance and fear standing between us."

Jackson stressed the importance of registering to vote, and highlighted issues in which he said the audience could make a difference if they exercise their right to vote.

"Because student loan debt matters, because health care matters, because jobs that pay matters, because the growth of poverty matters. We have the power to eliminate it."

Jackson has already been to Richmond, Charlottesville, and northern Virginia on his statewide "Healing and Rebuilding Tour." He was scheduled to make three additional stops in the Lynchburg area Monday afternoon and evening.

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