Johnson Health Center opens new facility in Lynchburg

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- With a cut of the ribbon, Johnson Health Center is now offering more services to the Lynchburg community.

Lynchburg's new Johnson Health Center (WDBJ7)

They're primary focus will be women and pediatric care. "To offer more services, more robust services … and really try to move the needle of health in this community, starting at a young age," said Gary Campbell, the CEO of Johnson Health Center.

The new facility is located off of Atherholt Rd. and offers a one-stop-shop for mothers and their children. "So that when they come in to get their primary care, they can just go ahead and get their dental services while they're here," explained Chelsey Tomlin an associate director.

It's the first Johnson Health Center to specifically cater to children's dentistry. An area experts say is of utmost importance at a young age. "Dental decay is one of the most … it is the most prevalent childhood chronic diseases. More so than asthma," explained Jessica McAuliffe, DMD.

Doctor McAuliffe says training children on oral health as early as possible is key to a healthier lifestyle. "Making sure that they have a healthy mouth contributes to making sure that they have a healthy body and that they can enjoy their childhood," she added.

In addition to pediactric dentistry, Johnson Health Center also added two midwives to this location.

Their goal is to be able to offer more services under one roof to the Lynchburg community.