Judge grants continuance for David Eisenhauer trial

David Eisenhauer is a former Virginia Tech student charged with the murder of Nicole Lovell.
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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A Montgomery County judge granted an attorney's request to continue the trial for David Eisenhauer.

Eisenhauer is accused of killing Blacksburg teenager Nicole Lovell in January 2016 and charged with abduction, first degree murder, and concealing a body.

His attorneys filed a motion Wednesday morning for continuance and discovery, requesting more time to look through electronic data collected as evidence.

Prosecution disagreed with the continuance, telling the judge that they're ready to try the case that's been set for eight months.

Eisenhauer's attorneys are working with experts to shift through at least 17 electronic devices.

This is the second time the judge has granted a continuance for this trial.

Judge Robert Turk set a November 6th court date to decide on a 2018 day for the trial. The court will also review a motion to suppress.

When asked if the trial for Natalie Keepers would also be continued again, her attorney said, we'll wait and see.

She is charged in connection to Lovell's death.