Judge grants motion to move Bedford County murder suspect

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) The man accused of carrying out a gang related murder in Bedford County will be moved to a different jail to await trial.

Judge Jim Updike granted a motion Tuesday, allowing Jose Coreas-Ventura to be transferred from the Blue Ridge Regional Jail Amherst Adult Detention Center to the Roanoke City Jail.

Coreas-Ventura's attorneys requested the transfer to have better access to their client. The attorneys are based in Roanoke and Salem.

In a separate motion, Updike granted a defense request to prevent a language interpreter from being called as a witness during Coreas-Ventura's trial. Because Coreas-Ventura speaks Spanish as his primary language, an interpreter is being used to communicate information regarding his case.

Coreas-Ventura waived his right to a speedy trial Tuesday. At the request of his attorneys, Coreas-Ventura's trial was postponed beyond the originally scheduled date in October. A new trial date will be set at a later hearing.

Coreas-Ventura's co-defendants, Lasondro Vasquez and Victor Rodas, are still scheduled to go on trial in October. All three are accused of participating in the murder of Raymond Wood, a Lynchburg teenager who was found dead along a road in Goode March 27.