Judging begins at Rockbridge Regional Fair

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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) The Rockbridge Regional Fair opens to the public Thursday night, but the arts and crafts judging began Wednesday.

One expects the judges to take a careful look, but you may not realize how careful.

“You would be grading them on some of the colors," said judge Carol Butler. "You would be grading them on the texture, the selection of wool or the selection of cotton that was used to do some of the weaving.”

Because they’re asking for one thing in a winner: “Perfection, more or less,” said another judge, Carolyn Purdy.

These are the judges certified to hand out the ribbons at the Rockbridge Regional Fair, from produce to preserves, and everything in between. Like quilts.

“When you have 15 seemingly perfect quilts and three ribbons, you have to put your hard glasses on and become very picky, very picky,” Purdy said.

“A judge’s number one person has to have integrity," said Macine Williams, a founder of the Virginia Judging School. "They need to know the product, and they need to follow the rules.”

“That’s right," Butler said. "There’s a lot to it.”

Including offering a little help to those who may not get that blue ribbon.

“Give them encouragement because you want them to continue doing that," Butler said. "So they’ll enter again next year.”

Williams explained: “We want all the fairs in the state of Virginia to grow.”

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