UPDATE: Jury seated for David Eisenhauer trial, testimony begins Tuesday

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) UPDATE: A jury has been seated for the trial of David Eisenhauer.

Eight women and six men will hear testimony during what is expected to be a 10-day trial.

Opening arguments will begin Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 in Montgomery County Circuit Court.
Day one of jury selection is now over in Montgomery County for the trial of David Eisenhauer.

He's the former Virginia Tech student accused of killing 13 year old Nicole Lovell from Blacksburg two years ago.

The court is filtering through about 170 potential jurors by bringing them in the courtroom in groups of 12 and asking them several, sometimes repetitive questions.

No cameras were allowed inside the courtroom as the judge, prosecution, and defense attorneys asked dozens of questions centered around their prior knowledge of the case.

Many of the three dozen questioned Monday said they were familiar with the charges.

The long, tiring process will eventually evolve into 12 jurors and two alternates.

We learned dozens of people will be called to the stand to give testimony over the course of the trial. Prosecutors named 33 people in local, state, and federal law enforcement that will be called as witnesses. Eisenhauer's attorneys named about nine people, including Natalie Keepers, who is also charged in connection to Lovell's death. She is expected to give an incriminating testimony if she is called to the stand, court documents explain.

The judge began the day by ruling on a motion to suppress statements Eisenhauer gave to law enforcement during his questioning after Lovell went missing. The judge denied that motion, saying many of the statements were initiated by Eisenhauer.

In January 2016, Lovell went missing in Blacksburg. After a search that lasted several days and involved more than a thousand people, investigators discovered her body across the state line in North Carolina.

Eisenhauer was arrested and has been in jail since then. Over the last two years, his attorney's have made a series of motions, keeping the case that's received nation attention, in the public eye. They have argued previously that the attention could make it difficult to seat a fair jury.

For the first time, Eisenhauer wore a sport coat and tie instead of the orange jumpsuit he's typically required to wear.