Justice for Kionte Spencer meets with U.S. Attorney

Published: Jun. 13, 2016 at 11:39 AM EDT
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UPDATE -- Kionte Spencer's brother, Carl, and members of "Justice for Kionte" gathered in front of the Roanoke County Courthouse in Salem asking for more to be done about his brother's death.

"If he really really cared about what's going on and how my family has been throughout this situation," said Spencer. "If he would, re-open this case!"

Monday morning, members gave U.S. attorney for the Western District of Virginia, John Fishwick, a petition with 300 signatures asking for a federal investigation. They also want the names of the officers involved in the shooting to be released along with all police videos of the shooting.

Last month, the officers involved weren't charged, because investigators said the officers reasonably feared for their safety and that Kionte was attempting to point a gun at them. It was later found to be a BB gun.

Reverend Alonzo Smith is a member of "Justice for Kionte". He said the meeting was productive and they're hopeful for a response.

"He let us know that he does have his own investigators and if he does feel necessary, he would open up the case if he felt the evidence led him that direction, but he made no promises, but we felt comfortable that he listened to us," said Smith.

Either way, Spencer says it's still been hard to move forward since the shooting, but he'll be waiting to hear back from Fishwick.

"The meeting definitely gave me hope that they will re-open the case and something will be done about it so right now we're locking in more of a positive than negative direction," said Spencer.


The community group Justice for Kionte Spencer is meeting with the US Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, John Fishwick.

Spencer was shot and killed in what Roanoke County Police call a justified shooting in February, and the group is demanding a federal investigation.

Kionte Spencer was walking down Electric Road in Roanoke County with what police later found out to be a BB gun the night of the shooting.

Three months after the shooting Roanoke County Commonwealth's Attorney Randy Leach and Roanoke County Police Department Chief Howard Hall announced no officers would be charged and that would be the end of it.

Monday morning, Justice for Kionte Spencer said that announcement would not be the end of it and held a news conference on the steps of the US Attorney's office.

The group collected about 300 in-state signatures and about 7,500 out-of-state signatures for its petition.

In the petition the group demands a federal investigation of the shooting death and for all of the police dashcam video to be released.

Reverend Alonzo Smith with Price Memorial AME Zion Church said, "This is outrageous that this young man's civil rights have been violated and if his civil right's can be violated, who is next, who is next? Each and every one of us are in danger of our rights being violated."

A few still frames of that dashcam video were publicly released and certain sections of the video were shown to select media members.

But it has not been shown publicly.

"If that video would have shown that young man in anyway being a threat to the officers that night we would have all seen it hundreds of times right now but we have yet to see it," Smith said.

The group met with Attorney Fishwick calling it a "substantive" meeting and said the door on the conversation is still very much open.

"I think we all agree it was a very substantive meeting we know John to be an advocate for the community and so we are really confident and we're feeling really confident about his potential involvement," Community Advocate Martin Jeffrey said.